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What Do Clinical Studies Mean To You?

My experience has lead me to believe many of us have experienced events that leave us with memories that 'stick' with us; memories that change our reactions to new situations. Perhaps these memories are making us timid to try new ideas or feeling fear where the fear is not actually related to the current situation, but may be a fear from the past event.  EFT can assist removing past traumatic memories and free us from that memory. In some cases being free from a memory will allow the body to heal itself. Note it is important in considering EFT to remember PTSD is a specific diagnosis provided only by a qualified physician or therapist and is not something to be viewed lightly.

Veterans Stress Project

I am a volunteer for the Veterans Stress Project. If you are a veteran or know of a veteran that would be interested in no-cost EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques  - sessions, please contact me.  EFT can be provided either by phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person.

The Stress Project website reports:  "Hundreds of thousands of US military personnel are returning from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other combat zones. An estimated 300,000 of them suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.  The Iraq Vets Stress Project is determined to make a difference. It offers returning vets free or low-cost sessions using Energy Psychology, a method which many therapists and coaches are using to help veterans with PTSD to get their lives back.

This project has statistically demonstrated drastic reduction of symptoms in as little as 6 EFT sessions.

Letter from Congressman Tim Ryan (dated September 20, 2013)

Congressman Tim Ryan, in a letter to U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary of Eric Shinseki, writes: “A randomized controlled trial showed significant improvement in 86% of veterans with clinical PTSD after just six EFT acupressure treatment sessions.  A number of peer-reviewed studies, such as one randomized controlled trial by Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, found that EFT effectively remediated PTSD.  Another trial showed that compared to talk therapy, EFT significantly lowers cortisol levels.  Other research found normalization of stress related EEG frequencies in the brain following EFT.  In fact, a review in an American Psychological Association (APS) journal identified 51 peer-reviewed papers analyzing the tapping of acupuncture point to address psychological issues.

Preliminary Study on Energy Medicine (Tapping)

Summarized from article, "Preliminary Report of the First Large-Scale Study of Energy Psychology" by Joaquin Andrade, MD and David Feinstein, PhD. printed in “Energy Psychology Interactive”.

Approximately 5,000 patients, diagnosed with an wide range of anxiety disorders, were randomly assigned to either an experimental group (tapping) or a control group, who received cognitive behavior therapy and medication. The study was conducted over a 5-year period. Patients were followed by telephone or office interviews at 1 month after treatment, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.  At the close of therapy, positive clinical responses (ranging from complete relief to partial relief to short relief with relapses) were rated. The raters did not know if the patient was in the experimental (tapping) or control group. The raters found:

                          Experimental      Control
                              Group             Group
Improved                 90%                63%
Symptom Free         76%                51%

At one-year follow-up, the patients receiving tapping treatments were less prone to relapse or partial relapse than those receiving therapy/medication. In a related pilot study by the same team, the length of treatment was substantially shorter with energy therapy and related methods than with therapy /medication.

A Veterans EFT Observational Study

Study conducted by: Dawson Church, PhD, Linda Geronilla, PhD and Ingrid Dinter
This observational study examined the effects of six sessions of EFT on seven veterans. Participants were assessed using a scale measuring the depth and severity of their psychological symptoms. The scale contains subscales for anxiety, depression, obsessive- compulsive behavior, phobic anxiety, hostility, interpersonal sensitivity, paranoia, psychosis, and somatization.

Interventions were done by two different practitioners using a standardized form of EFT to address traumatic combat memories, Participants were assessed before and after treatment, and again after 90 days.

PTSD symptom severity decreased significantly:
Anxiety decreased          46%
Depression decreased     49%
PTSD decreased             50%

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