Diane Dalton

EFT Healing Practitioner


A few years ago Rowdy, my rescue dog (who may be a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Pit Bull mix), together with my daughter and I went hiking in the Ojito desert wilderness in New Mexico.  About an hour into our hike Rowdy disappeared.  We finally found him under a small pinion pine.  He had been bitten by a rattlesnake. 

He would not let me carry him; he was just wild if I tried to touch him. All we had with us was a narrow short cord.  I got it on hime and pulled him behind me for about an hour, the long distance back to the truck. With every step the swelling on his chest grew larger; it had begun as a small lump around the wound, then grew quickly golf ball size, then even more quickly baseball size and by the time we reached the truck his entire chest and stomach were swollen. We flew down a dirt road for 10 miles to reach the highway and then another long drive from the wilderness to the city to reach the veterinary hospital. 

We got Rowdy to the vet almost 3 hours after he was bitten. He was given an anti-venom serum, painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds and was expected to come home the next evening. In the past I used EFT on him, so I knew the location of dog meridians.  I visited with him later in the evening I was able to both tap directly on him and surrogate tap on myself for him. I also did Reiki. 

Surprisingly, fairly early the next morning he was able to go home - less than 24 hours after he was bitten. But he was still in great pain. He whimpered continually during the drive home. He slept on my bed about 45 minutes at a time and whimpered each time he woke. When he was awake, he actually seemed to want me to tap on him. Then when he fell back to sleep I did more surrogate tapping. 

By evening he was able to go outside for a short while. The next day he got up and easily went outside. He thought he could chase a bird, but found it a bit painful. By evening his swelling had been greatly diminished; and by the next morning his skin had tightened and looked fairly normal. 

I'm not sure of the usual recovery time, but I will say he looked like he'd received a miracle when he took off running after a rabbit the next morning. Of course, I yelled at him and he stopped, turned and gave me a great big smile. Rowdy did not suffer any deterioration of the skin around the puncture wound as happens in many snakebite cases. 

I can never know if his phenomenally fast recovery was due to EFT or because of medical science or his own youth and strength, but I am so happy that I knew EFT.

I continue to use EFT on my new puppy, Naura Rocket and on my friend's and family's pets.  Many of my clients report success using EFT on their animals as well.  There is no way to be positive that EFT is effective with animals, but it is gratifying to watch an animal perk up and actually smile while I use the technique on them.  Dogs in particular seem to enjoy the treatment.

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