Diane Dalton

EFT Healing Practitioner


We all want to maintain our health. We want to maintain our balance. We want to be happy and successful. EFT can assist to maintain a well-balanced healthy joy-filled life. 

EFT is a simple tapping procedure used to maintain mental and emotional health. Blocks; such as stress, anxiety and anger can be relieved so that you are free to achieve great abundance, happiness and good health. You will feel lighter and have greater happiness and self-confidence. Often pain and illness subside.

During a session, we work together to reach the basis of a problem.  There may be a negative event that occurred recently; or the event might tie to something that happened long ago and may even be forgotten. Using specific techniques a person does not suffer through the memory of the event.  It is not even necessary to speak of the incident. It is common that more than one 'aspect' or painful memory exists. Repeating the process removes the pain of each memory and emotion.

Often during or after a session the person will sigh, then smile and drop their tense shoulders in an attitude of greater peace. Many people say, “I feel lighter".  Amazing improvements in pain relief and performance gains have been demonstrated for a wide variety of issues. 

Very often only a single session will achieve the relief you require; For complex long-term issues, such as PTSD caused by tragic events, multiple sessions are necessary for optimum results.

"Freedom really is the perfect word for this technique. "

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